City Plastics


Piping suppy chain

Services Offered:

Domain transfer


City Plastics was a simple site transfer from one domain to another where our Dynamic Devops team had to replicate the site.

The Dynamic Devops Team is here to ensure their site stays online and keeps functioning smoothly. 

Solution: The goal behind Cloud Distribution Africa is a brand going into the retailers market for hardware supplies. Dynamic Devops not only created their site but also manages their social media presence for brand awareness and content creation of social posts. Furthermore, the site is a fully working e-commerce platform where buyers can browse and buy entirely on their own with no hassle. 

Once the site was complete and put into testing mode, the Dynamic Devops Team gave training to the Cloud Distribution Africa Team on how to upload their products, correctly categorize each product to have the items show as a search result and correctly uploading images of the products. 

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